Appealing Property Taxes in Summit County

how to appeal your property taxes

The golden rule of taxes is don’t pay more than you need to. And with property taxes, some of us often do. While you might assume that the bill in the mail from the county assessor is set in stone, it’s actually not. Summit County Assessor Steve Martin knows what he’s doing, but mistakes can happen.

When it comes to property tax errors, there are two varieties:

  1. Under-assessment, which actually works in your financial favor. This means that you pay less than you’re property is actually worth, while the actual market value of your home is unaffected.
  2. Over-assessment, which means you’re paying more than you owe. If you suspect your property may be over-assessed, read on to find out how to right-size your bill.


How assessments are determined

First things first, do you even need to file an appeal? County Assessor Steve Martin appraises properties by studying the market, your property, and its current condition. There are many factors that can affect your assessment, such as:

  • The housing market. If the market grows, your home’s value may increase. Obviously, the inverse is also true.
  • Home improvements. If you add a new bathroom or an addition, your property value will likely increase.
  • A property’s condition. If your property has fallen into disrepair, the value will decrease.
  • Your residency status. Second homeowners are charged higher property taxes than primary residents.

The assessor’s methodology to arrive at an accurate assessment based on your property and the above factors, however, is not foolproof. The National Taxpayers Union estimates that between 30-60% of taxable property in the U.S. is over-assessed!

Have you been over-assessed?

If you bought your home this year and haven’t made any significant changes to it, your assessment should probably not be more than what you paid. According to the International Association of Assessment Officers, if you can prove any of the following, then you have grounds to appeal your property taxes.

  • The county lists incorrect information about your property. For example, they list four bedrooms when you really only have three. Or you have a shed, and they call it a barn. Or maybe they just got the square footage wrong.
  • The estimated value is too high. If you can prove that other comparable properties in your area have sold recently for less, than you may have a case.
  • The estimated value isn’t fair. Essentially, this means that the value may be accurate, but isn’t equitable because other similar properties are valued lower.

Another possibility is that the assessor has incorrectly categorized you as a second homeowner. This has happened before in Summit County, and I’m sure it will happen again. Be sure to check that your residency status is correct, especially if you just moved here from out of state.

Appealing your property taxes

If you believe you can prove that your property has been over-assessed or that you’ve been wrongly categorized, you have until Monday, September 17 to file an appeal.

In your appeal, you should provide evidence to back up your case, such as the correct specs of your property and/or the valuations of several similar properties. You also need to include a copy of the valuation you received in the mail.

If you’ve been wrongly identified as a second homeowner, you’ll need to fill out and sign a Statement of Residence form.

Send your materials to the County Assessor. Even better, go to Coalville (the county seat) and talk to the staff at the assessor’s office in person. You can find the contact info for the Summit County assessor online here.

Don’t have a case for lower property taxes? Remember that you’re stocking the coffers of our community. Your taxes go to support our schools, fire department, and other important services, which in turn increase your property’s value.

And if you have any questions or need help finding comparable properties to support your case, please reach out to me. I’m happy to walk you through the art of how to appeal your property taxes anytime.

Business Spotlight: Lit Salon Park East

Lit Salon Park East

Lit Salon, like most of favorite businesses, is an experience. It’s not just a fabulous haircut, but time to unwind and indulge with a little self-care. Lit also abides by the highest standards with its products. You’ll love one of their latest skin care lines—Osmosis, which is free of everything you don’t want on your sin (e.g. parabens, preservatives, etc.). Need another reason to love this locally owned business? Lit partners with Children with Hair Loss to empower clients to donate their locks to kids in need. I chatted with Master Stylist/Esthetician Alysse Gray to learn more about the story behind Lit.

Choose Park City: What sets Lit apart from other Park City salons?

Alysse: Lit stands for Love, Innovation and Talent. Our culture has always been the foundation of everything that we do and we have cultivated a staff that not only provides a superior service but also stands behind these principles. We love to continuously educate ourselves and our guests with the latest industry inspiration.

Our original location, Lit Summit, opened in December 2013 and has six styling stations and a barbershop. Lit Park East opened in October 2017 with four styling stations, two manicure and pedicure stations and two private treatment rooms. Our primary aim is to provide Park City with a premier salon experience and now we have two Lits to better serve you!

What are some of the beauty trends the Lit team is most excited about right now?

As we head into summer, some of the current beauty trends are focused on looking as natural as possible. With hair, we are seeing natural color techniques like balayage and hair painting, while utilizing your natural wave and textures as if you came straight from the beach! With skin, we are seeing clean, fresh faces with a little definition on the brows.

We love that you do so much more than hair. What are your eye and lip treatments like? Any other service that’s great for summer?

YES! We love taking care of your skin with non-invasive, no-down-time treatments! The best summer sun protection is starting with healthy skin. We use Osmosis and Intraceuticals skin care products, which are known for the highest standard in quality ingredients and efficacy.

We have a 60-minute Customized Holistic Facial, in which each step (from the cleanser to the serums and mask) can be customized to your skin care needs using highly concentrated powder actives. The eye and lip masks are pure collagen and hyaluronic acid, made for plumping fine lines, minimizing dark circles and firming your skin in those delicate areas. We also do Oxygen Facial Treatments, which is very soothing for angry post-sun skin.

For those who see a Kamas address and are unfamiliar with Park East … tell us about your retail environment and how to get there from 224.

We are only just barely in Kamas—really only a few minutes from Old Town. The Shops at Park East are a new retail development just off Highway 248. If you are traveling from 224, you can either take Kearns Boulevard toward Kamas, or you can go through The Junction to get to I-80 and take the exit for I-40 toward Heber. Either way, once you get to Exit 4, head east toward Kamas. After a mile, you will see the silver farm-style buildings on the south side of 248. Turn in there and we are in Building B on the front side of the last building, retail Suite 11.

If you subscribe to my newsletter, then you can take advantage of a special promo that I partnered with Lit Salon Park East to offer this July. Not a subscriber? Contact me and I’ll be happy to send you the promo code.

Collections Magazine I Utah’s Luxury Real Estate Magazine Summer 2018

As usual, we’ve produced a magazine that will hook you from page one and keep you flipping through to the back cover. In the summer 2018 Collections Magazine, we wear our heart on our sleeve. Discover our passion points—why we love what we do, starting with our 274-year brand heritage. You’ll get to know our team, from this visual product of our hard work, to a few daring staff who posed for our photographers.

Thomas Wright, Summit Sotheby’s International Realty president, says it best: “We’re all about raising the bar, dictating the curve and doing things in a way that may be imitated by others, but never duplicated.” I challenge you to find a magazine as inimitable and trendsetting as this season’s Collections. Start flipping through below or check out the link to the issue here

Park City Summer Events You Can’t Miss

old town

Summer in Park City can occasionally feel like trying to drink out of a water hose. A lively summer concert schedule, races of all stripes, film series, and parades—the fun never ends. If you’re picking and choosing, here are some of the most iconic Park City summer events to check out.

Park Silly Sunday Market – June 3-August 19

This quintessential Park City event takes over Main Street on Sundays in summer. At Park Silly, you’ll find a little bit of everything, from locally produced goods, to crafts and food trucks. Live music also takes the downtown stage, so you can groove, snack, and shop all in one fell swoop. Now in its twelfth year, this popular weekly market draws crowds—beat them by heading downtown early (10am) or toward the end (5pm).

Park City Farmers’ Market – June 27-October 17

If you prefer markets where the produce flows freely, than the Wednesday farmers’ market is for you. Hosted by local bakery Volkers, the summer farmers’ market is finally returning to Park City proper this year, right by Silver King Resort. You’ll find local meat, veggies, fruit, baked goods, and so much more. We’ll take open-air grocery shopping over the store any day.

Photo by Oakley Rodeo

Photo by Oakley Rodeo

Oakley Rodeo – July 4-7

This legendary rodeo is 83 years old and sells out every year. If you live in the West, the annual rodeo is a big part of the cultural landscape. From barrel racing and bull riding to rodeo clowns, the Oakley rodeo is a must-see event. It’s also a great way to spend July 4, fireworks and all.

Kimball Arts Festival – August 3-5

The hub of the Park City art scene is Kimball Art Center, which has been offering art classes, camps, exhibitions, and much more since 1976. If you’re an art hound—as many of us at Sotheby’s are (hello, auction house roots)—Kimball Arts Festival’s annual arts fest is truly an event to look forward to. Scour the stands on Main Street to search for the next gorgeous sculpture or painting to decorate your home … more while listening to music and sipping wine, of course.

Photo by Lin Cheong

Photo by Lin Cheong

Tour of Utah – August 12

This year, the Tour of Utah grinds to the finish line on Park City’s historic Main Street. You’ll get a rush of adrenaline watching these superhuman cyclists pedal by with grace and seriously lean leg muscle. If you’re looking for a place to watch, the Summit Sotheby’s International Realty office is hosting a viewing party—get in touch if you’re interested in joining us.

The Summit Challenge – August 25

If you prefer to ride rather than watch others do so, cycle this summer in the name of outdoor recreation for all. The National Ability Center (NAC) is hosting their annual road race through Summit and Wasatch Counties. If you’re in it more for the fun and to support the NAC, opt for an approachable length of 16 miles. The overachievers among us can shoot for the century (that’s 100 miles). Either way, the Summit Challenge is a great excuse to get out and ride for a good cause.

Live PC Give PC

Me and my family cruising down Main St. in the Live PC Give PC float in the 2017 Miner’s Day Parade

Miner’s Day Parade & Celebration – September 3

Celebrate Park City’s heritage with this end-of-summer event—in which you can catch me and the other Grenneys as we join the Live PC Give PC float! Watch the parade, jog in the fun run, and try your luck with the charitable Running of the Balls. The event concludes with a barbecue in City Park with live music.

P.S. Heading to Main St. to watch the July 4 parade? Let me know if you’d like to watch from the Summit Sotheby’s HQ at 625 Main Street, where we’ll have our annual viewing party.

Celebrate Summer in Park City 3 Ways with Sotheby’s

A parade, a concert, and a bike race—could you sum up summer in Park City any more accurately? Summit Sotheby’s International Realty (SSIR) will be getting in on all the action by partnering up with three quintessential mountain town events. Don’t miss out! Here’s what you need to know to celebrate summer with SSIR in Park City.

July 4 Park City

July 4: Parade Viewing Party

Every year, locals engineer impressive floats and décor for the Independence Day parade at 11am down Main Street. Thousands of others stake out the perfect spot to watch it all go down along sidewalks and downtown buildings. SSIR, of course, has prime real estate for parade viewing. Every year, we host a viewing party at 625 Main Street that includes treats and drinks. Get in touch if you’re interested in attending and I’ll add you to the invite list.


August 3: Deer Valley ’70s and ’80s Concert

Another annual SSIR tradition is sponsoring one of the Deer Valley Music Festival concerts at Snow Park Amphitheater. On August 3, we’ll all be shaking our groove thang as the Utah Symphony throws it back to the ’70s and ’80s. The show starts at 7:30pm and is held rain or shine. Tickets start at $39 and are available online.

Photo by Lin Cheong

August 12: Tour of Utah Live Streaming

In 2018, the Tour of Utah will conclude its route right here in Park City on Sunday, August 12. The cyclists will cruise past the finish line just outside of SSIR’s Main Street office, where we’ll be live streaming the whole thing. Want to come watch with us? Drop me a line and we’ll make it happen.

Business Spotlight: Cryo Lodge

Pain remedy, anti-aging wonder-worker, and cancer treatment? Alleged to be all these things and more, cryotherapy could just be the health and wellness miracle technology of the 21st century. But don’t take it from me—take it from Courtney Miedema, co-owner of Cryo Lodge. Since 2016, this local business has been helping us all chill out for the better.

Cryo Lodge, not to be confused with the now-closed Stone Cold Cryotherapy, is also offering special deals to former Stone Cold clients.”We really want to help continue the tremendous benefits people have been experiencing, as well as introduce them to our other services so they can continue to feel total body wellness,” Miedema explains. We chatted with her to learn more about how all of us can get in on the chill.

Choose Park City: When did you first try cryotherapy and what hooked you?

Courtney: The first time I chilled was in college and I was instantly hooked. I ran and won my first 10K and decided to test out cryotherapy. I walked out of the three-minute cryotherapy session and felt like I could go run another 10K. My legs felt totally recovered and as if I hadn’t even raced! After that, I kept going back for athletic recovery and I was able to run more miles than I had in a while, without getting injured.

What’s the difference between cryotherapy and, say, just taking a really cold shower?

There is a huge difference! If you were to take a really cold shower, or even an ice bath, you would have to be in that cold for at least 30 minutes to see any real impact. Cold water also heals by directly freezing the muscles, whereas cryotherapy is just a three-minute session that triggers a response on the outer layer of the skin and puts your body into a very natural fight-or-flight response. This natural response forces your body to fight off any inflammation in the body, whether that be lactic acid, an injury, arthritis, or even an inflammatory response on the skin like eczema. It also doesn’t freeze your muscles so you could walk out of the Cryosauna without your body feeling stiff (like you would feel after an ice bath) and go straight into a workout.

For the uninitiated, what’s the best first-time cryotherapy service to try?

It really depends on what you are looking for. For total body wellness, you definitely want to get into our Whole Body Cryosauna. If you have an injury, try our Localized Cryotherapy treatment in conjunction with Whole Body Cryotherapy. Localized Cryotherapy is an isolated Cryotherapy treatment that targets a specific part of the body. It combines sub-zero temperatures and an aloe thermal gel to pull the heat from your skin to the sub-zero wand, which restricts blood vessels to really allow the cold to heal the injury. We also have Cryo Toning facials, which uses the same technology as our Localized Cryotherapy treatment but on the face to help improve fine lines and wrinkles, blemishes, and scarring—it even tones and tightens the skin.

For one of your newest offerings—like the Cryo facial—can one treatment make a difference or do you need multiple treatments to see impacts?

One treatment can certainly help with things like acne, puffiness under the eyes, or other inflammatory responses on the skin. Of course, the more treatments you do, the more long-term results. If you are looking for benefits in areas like skin toning and tightening, you will definitely feel a difference after one treatment (as soon as the treatment is over you can feel the firmness change of your skin), but you will need to do multiple treatments to reap the full longevity of the benefits.

You are co-located with Float Park City. Do you partner with them on any deals?

We see a lot of crossover with clients. Float therapy has a lot of similar benefits to cryotherapy, but also a lot of unique differences. For instance, float therapy uses 1,000 pounds of epsom salt, which naturally make you buoyant and pulls toxins out of you. The treatment is one hour and puts you in a total relaxed state.

If you subscribe to my newsletter, then you can take advantage of a special promo on cryotherapy that I partnered with Cryo Lodge to offer this June. Not a subscriber? Contact me and I’ll be happy to send you the promo code.

3 Park City Real Estate Project Updates

As the flowers bloom and snow melts in Park City, the hammers continue to swing. Scattered across the Canyons side of Park City Mountain Resort, The Colony is in the midst of its final development phase. Just minutes from Main Street, the first luxury townhomes of Wasatch Springs are complete. And in Kamas, haut High Star Ranch has several new homes on the market. Read on for more updates on these exciting Park City real estate projects.

wasatch springs

Wasatch Springs

Less than a 10-minute drive to downtown Park City, Wasatch Springs off Highway 248 offers three styles of luxury townhomes. To date, Wasatch Springs has four closed sales and 10 homes under contract. Don’t despair—there are still 12 units for the taking. Prices range from the high $400,000s to $650,000 for a 3,000 square-foot home that, as real estate agent Matt Mullin puts it, “really feels like a single family home.”

high star ranch

High Star Ranch

Keep driving down Highway 248 and you’ll arrive in the emerging market of Kamas, where High Star Ranch is building homes worth lusting after. Six new homes just came on the market in the Thorn Creek subdivision. High Star created the Thorn Creek neighborhood to develop a market niche for those seeking high-end homes bordering open space and trails with unparalleled mountain views. Not only will you catch the distant Deer Valley slopes through the window of a High Star home, but also the epic Mt. Timpanogos peak. A few of the signature highlights of these homes are open-concept floor plans, entertainer’s kitchens, and high-end finishes. Outside, you’ll find covered decks, oversized garages, and fire pits. Construction on new model homes as well as the High Star Ranch pool and clubhouse should be completed soon.

the colony

The Colony

If you’ve skied the Canyons side of Park City Mountain Resort, then you’ve seen a Colony home. These memorable, epic properties make great conversation pieces during lift rides, but they’re also excellent for living in and investment alike. The Colony is currently in its final Phase V of development. The last available parcels border the development’s upper meadow nestled in old-growth forests with five lakes and a tranquil stream nearby. Of the 13 remaining lots that have been released, seven are under contract or sold and six are still available. That’s six last chances at building your dream ski-in/ski-out home from the ground up.

Interested in getting in on any of these exciting developments? Contact me for details, pricing, and more. 

Summer 2018 Park City Concert Calendar

deer valley concert

Outdoor amphitheaters and swanky cocktail lounges. Free tunes and coveted tickets. Classical and classic rock, reggae and electronica. When it comes to summer concerts, we’ve got it all. Once again, I’ve compiled a list of all the concerts fit to print in Park City and Salt Lake City this summer. So, download my Summer 2018 Concert Calendar, print it out, and let the ticket buying begin!


Selling Properties Like No Other


To those who value the unique, Summit Sotheby’s International Realty is the local real estate provider that offers unrivaled access to qualified people and distinctive properties around the world. When you list your property with Summit Sotheby’s International Realty, you get a true international brand that can offer you the best exposure, whether online or in print. Here’s a look at our Passion Points to learn about our many competitive advantages and how we are Like No Other.