7 Women Who Inspire Me

On Thursday, March 8, I’ll be celebrating two occasions. It’s a serendipitous coincidence that my birthday happens to fall on the same day as International Women’s Day. This global day to honor the achievements of women has been around for over a century. This year, I wanted to take the opportunity to name a few wonder women in my life who have inspired me from near and far to live my best life every day.

1. Kikkan Randall

This American cross country skier has swept up more awards and accolades than I can list here. But most recently, Kikkan won the United States the first gold medal at the Winter Olympics (she’s competed in five). With a nickname like “Kikkanimal” that’s really no surprise. Impressively, Kikkan is also a mom and can run a five-minute-two-second mile. I’m also a fan of her personal mantra: “Always give your best and never give up!”. This Park City property owner wins inspiring client status from me.

Liz Stephen

Liz Stephen winning the Red Bull 400 hill climb (Photo Credit: Ski Racing)

2. Liz Stephen

Another skier who motivates me—especially in my athletic pursuits—is Liz Stephen. A part-time Parkite and past client, she crushes hills and is an all-around dogged competitor on the track. A three-time Olympian, Liz has been racing since high school in Vermont. Like Kikkan, she also started out as a runner. Her incredible record keeps me feeling strong whether I’m hiking uphill or skiing down. Look for her in the Park City Annual Red Bull 400. And crushing it.

Jane Goodall

Photo Credit: Flickr Kafka4prez

3. Jane Gooddall

One of the qualities I admire in people is tenacity—the willingness to stick with something for long-term results. Most people know that Jane Goodall studies apes, but what you might not know is that she has spent 55 years with chimpanzees in Tanzania. That’s true dedication. She made incredible discoveries about the depth of family ties, emotions, and personality. In addition to her research, she founded the Roots & Shoots program, which empowers youth to enact environmental change. If you’re a fan of Dr. Jane, too, you can see her speak on March 29 in Salt Lake City as part of the Wasatch Speaker Series.

4. Nora Ephron

“Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim,” said the late award-winning American writer Nora Ephron. This piece of advice is almost as great as Ephron’s sense of humor, which shines in films like When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle. Critics agreed, nominating her three times for an Oscar and showering her with many more awards. I also respect her for writing smart roles for women, effectively changing the script on female characters in the cinema.

5. My Mom

My mother, born, raised, and schooled in Vermont, was the most selfless, kind, and graceful woman I’ve met. She had much in common with the women mentioned above; a lifetime runner and lover of all living things. She donated her time and nursing skills aiding troubled kids and hospice patients when she wasn’t being the best mom this girl could have asked for. And she delivered my sister and I naturally which makes her a real champion in my eyes.

6. My Girls

Lila and Anika. My long-limbed gazelle and my quirky youngest who deserves her own show. At ages nine and six respectively, they have inspired me to be patient, to be present and to persist in achieving my goals. My efforts daily are so that I can better illustrate to them what it means to have hard work pay off. Believe in yourself, girls. You alone can be the master of your destiny. I will be the keystone that you can depend on but my gift to you is demonstrating that if you want something, GO GET IT.

Q&A with Sotheby’s Photographer Miranda Kimberlin

Photography can make or break a listing. That’s why Summit Sotheby’s International Realty (SSIR) goes to great lengths to make sure its photography is impeccable, which, of course, means great photographers. One of the newest photographers to join our team is Miranda Kimberlin, who started as a freelancer and officially came on board this past summer. We chatted with Miranda to learn more about how she began snapping photos and who inspires her.

Miranda Kimberlin

Choose Park City: When and how did you first get into photography?

Miranda Kimberlin: I honestly can’t remember shooting much as a child or teen. I was into art and music—I always liked to paint and draw and had received classical vocal training. Somehow, when it came time to choose my major in college, I was certain that I wanted to study fine art photography. My education was focused on analog (film) photography and creating gallery-ready work, and I think that gives a solid foundation for my current photography practice.

What led you to real estate photography and, specifically, your work with SSIR?

I’ve been working in architectural photography specifically for just over three years. I spent several years managing a team of photographers and photo editing staff at another company before joining SSIR in August of 2017. I came to SSIR after spending several months as a freelancer, and was immediately sold on the vision Tiffany Fox has for the creative team. It was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

white pine canyon

Of all the shoots you’ve gone on so far, is there one home that’s been the most memorable? What made it so impactful?

I have two—one from when I had just started at SSIR and one from the last several weeks. The first is 661 Saddle Hill. I’ve never seen anything like that back exterior. The views of the Salt Lake valley are stunning, as well. The other is 160 White Pine—love the modern feel, clean lines, and artwork.

What’s your favorite room or aspect of a home to photograph and why?

I think it really depends on the home. Sometimes there’s an obviously fabulous kitchen or living area, but I love to hunt for the hidden gems. Even if it’s just how a few interesting objects are arranged on a shelf.

Any tips for homeowners on making their properties photogenic?

Natural light is the most important aspect of a photograph (and a home) for me. Open up your curtains and blinds! There’s nothing quite like it.

Do you do any other kinds of photography for work or fun outside of SSIR?

Yes! I take a lot of portraits. I love shooting in natural/available light, and I feel there’s a lot of style crossover between my portrait and architectural work.

Which photographer most inspires you and why?

I absolutely love the work of Gregory Crewdson because it’s much different than my own. He works in large-scale productions with crazy lighting setups, sometimes renting out a whole town or using a movie set to create these intense cinematic images. His pieces are printed on a huge scale, which is my favorite way to view photography.

You can learn more about Miranda and check out her work at mirandakimberlin.com.

What to Do in March in Park City

March in Park City is always a festive time of year for me. I rejoice in the last solid month of ski season, welcome the beginning of spring, and celebrate my own birthday. And for the Guinness lovers amongst us, the middle of the month presents an excellent opportunity to drink a pint or two. What do you have planned for March in Park City? Here are some suggestions to help you get your ski, spring, and St. Patty’s Day on this month.

NAC Red White and Snow Wine On the Mountain 2017

Wine On the Mountain; National Ability Center Red White and Snow; Deer Valley Resort; March 3, 2017; Photo from National Ability Center by Tyler Tate/T Squared Action Sports

Red White & Snow – March 1-3

Not only is this annual gala one of the most fun events of the year, but it also supports one of my favorite local organizations: The National Ability Center. This organization helps people of all ability levels access the recreational sports that make Park City tick. Red White & Snow is not actually one event, but a series of happenings stretched across the first weekend in March. From the Uncorked wine tasting at the Stein Eriksen and a series of vintner dinners, to the main gala on Saturday night, this epic fundraiser is always a good time in the name of a good cause.

Flanagan's Park CIty

St. Patrick’s Day at Flanagan’s on Main – March 17

Park City’s only true Irish bar has a permanent countdown to St. Patty’s Day on its website, in case you, too, wish to count down the days. At Flanagan’s, you can enjoy some Bangers ‘n’ Mash with a pint of Guinness, then head downstairs for some live Irish tunes and sips of Jameson.

Paint a Forest – March 17

“May brooks and trees and singing hills join in the chorus, too, and every gentle wind that blows send happiness to you,” goes an old Irish blessing. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in an unconventional way: by painting a forest of green like the one that saying brings to mind with The Paint Mixer. Its “Teal Orchard” class will be held from 7-9pm on Saturday night. Enjoy local beer, wine, and spirits as you create. And if you’re a newsletter subscriber, you can use a promo code for 25% off!

Spring Gruv at Park City Mountain – March 24-April 8

For over two weeks leading up to closing day, Park City Mountain will be bringing the groove to both of its base areas. The 11th annual Spring Gruv means regular concerts at the Park City Mountain Village and on the Payday Deck throughout the latter part of March and early April, all leading up to the annual pond skimming competition. Get those festive onesies out and enjoy spring skiing at its finest.

hot cocoa

Spring Celebration – March 17-April 1

Deer Valley will also be creating celebratory vibes for spring skiing and the end of the season. Starting on St. Patrick’s Day, the mountain will offer free cookies and hot cocoa on weekends from 1-2:30pm at the Snow Park Plaza and Silver Lake Beach. Adults will also dig the live music playing at the EBS lounge in the Snow Park Lodge from 2-5:30pm. One of the first acts is the talented local Alicia Stockman, who’s in the band Bonanza Town and crushes acoustic covers.

8 Facts About Sotheby’s Auction House



sotheby's auction house

Did you know that the Sotheby’s brand is literally older than the United States of America? On March 11, 1744, entrepreneur, book dealer, and all around “joyous fellow” Samuel Baker held a book auction in London. That was 273 long years ago.

Baker went on to handle the auctions for many a prominent British library. After he died in 1778, his nephew, John Sotheby, inherited half of his estate, including the auction house. Over the years, the auction house changed hands and names several times, as well as expanded its purview well beyond books.

As a former art history student, I’m proud to be a part of Sotheby’s rich and enduring heritage. Here are a few fascinating facts about the Sotheby’s Auction House:

  1. Sotheby’s “unofficial mascot” is Sekhmet, the ancient Egyptian lion goddess of the sun. An ancient bust of Sekhmet was hung above the front door of its new digs when the company moved to London’s art district in 1917.
  2. After Napoleon died, Sotheby’s auctioned off the books he had taken with him to St Helena.
  3. Sotheby’s reputation for being an art house didn’t really ring true until the World War II era and the decades following it when it handled some high-profile sales, like Peter Paul Rubens’ Adoration of the Magi. 
  4. When Sotheby’s opened an office in New York in 1955, it became the first international auction house. The auction house started selling in Hong Kong in 1973 and France in 2001; both locations now have salesrooms. Today, the auction house is headquartered in New York.
  5. If you’ve got some high dollar bottles of vino or diamonds to sell, Sotheby’s also has two retail branches that can help you out: Sotheby’s Wine and Sotheby’s Diamonds.
  6. One of the most popular paintings in the U.S., Norman Rockwell’s “Rosie the Riveter,” sold in 2002 for nearly $5 million.
  7. Sotheby’s has a world record for auctioning off the most expensive piece of contemporary art work: Mark Rothko’s “White Center” for a cool $72.8 million.
  8. If you’re into the surreal, buy a last minute ticket to London for the Surrealist Art Evening Sale on February 28, 2018 and enjoy this anatomy of an artwork video about Salvador Dali in advance:


Sotheby’s Auction House is just one of the many passion points of Summit Sotheby’s International Realty. Passion points are what light our fire and get us excited about being part of the Sotheby’s brand here in Park City. And from our global reach to the epic digital journey all of our listings make, there’s a lot to be passionate about.

2018 Resort Real Estate Report

Resort Report 2018

What’s happening in the real estate markets of ski towns in the West? Glad you asked. Summit Sotheby’s International Realty just released its annual Resort Report. We’ve got the stats on the residential market in resort towns from Telluride and Sun Valley to, of course, Park City. Long story short, things are looking good. You can check it out here for yourself: 2018 Resort Report by Summit Sotheby’s International Realty.


Local Valentine’s Day Gifts for Last-Minute Lovers

What’s faster than Amazon Prime? Walking into a brick-and-mortar store and buying something. And if you forgot about Valentine’s Day (we’ve all been there) and need a gift in a pinch, buying from a local shop is your best bet. Here are a few Valentine’s Day gifts for both women and men in Park City for last-minute shoppers.

Ritual chocolate

A bar of Ritual Chocolate in its element (Photo Credit: Ritual Chocolate)

A Ritual Chocolate bar

Skip the sub-par stuff in the grocery store aisles and pick up a bar or two of Park City’s own incredible chocolate for your S.O. Find this must-try chocolate at the Ritual HQ and café on Iron Horse Drive or at the new satellite location inside Whole Foods. You can’t go wrong with the Mid Mountain Blend. Or keep it exciting with the new Bourbon Barrel Aged bar, made with High West whiskey.

High West whiskey

A bottle of High West Rendezvous Rye

Speaking of High West, a bottle of this local liquid gold is sure to delight the loved one in your life. Since the word “rendezvous” has a certain je ne sais quoi to it, we recommend you spring for the award-winning Rendezvous Rye. It’s the distillery’s flagship bottle and it shines in a Sazerac.

A bag of beans from STOKED

Are you hep to our thematic jive here? The Valentine’s Day gift game isn’t usually about the big items. It’s about taking the opportunity to remind your loved one just how much you care about them. And usually, all that takes is a little something. If you can imbibe or enjoy it together, it’s a double win. That’s why some high-quality coffee beans from STOKED, Park City’s newest roaster and coffee shop, fits the bill perfectly. Show your beau how stoked you are on them with a bag of Bluebird beans or a pack of STOKED sticks that you can both enjoy on your next camping trip.

A succulent from Park City Nursery

Flowers are great, but what’s even better is a precious plant that lasts. Bestow your S.O. with flora of the succulent kind from our favorite local plant shop. Park City Nursery is open throughout the winter, Monday-Saturday. You can also find cacti and tropical plants as well as other potential gifts like lotions and local honey.

Splendor Beauty Emporium

Photo Credit: Splendor

A gift card to Splendor Beauty Emporium

Boyfriends, husbands, partners: unless you are a beauty product buff or know your wife exceptionally well, go for the gift card at the locally owned Splendor Beauty Emporium. That way, the lady in your life can choose the specific product or service that she wants. If you’re feeling ambitious, talk to the savvy salespeople to find something special and make sure to save the receipt.

A massage at the Stein Eriksen Lodge Spa

Before you work out the kinks in your relationship, you need to work out the kinks in your backs. And a great place to do that is at Utah’s only Forbes Five-Star spa in Deer Valley. So either book your partner a massage, get them a gift card, or go all out and schedule a couples’ massage. Doped up on all that relaxation, you may just decide to spend the night and turn it into a staycation.

Whatever last-minute local gift you get, may your Valentine’s Day in Park City be a good one.

STOKED Coffee Now Open in Park City

The newest place to get your caffeine on in Park City officially opened its doors this month. Owned by Park City local Jax Mariash, STOKED got its start in Oregon, where it continues to thrive today. At STOKED Park City, located inside the O.P. Rockwell building on Main Street, you can stock up on their signature organic blends and sip on lattes while working away.

How do you know that the coffee at STOKED will get you, well, stoked? Owner Jax is a champion ultra marathoner and she relies upon her beans and beverages to energize her for long runs. “We are thrilled to be here in Park City and serve 100% organic craft coffee to all of the locals and tourists,” Jax says. “We are excited to become the best coffee of Park City.” Her customer list also includes offices and restaurants, as well as adventurers like herself in need of a buzz on-the-go. For the latter, Jax has dreamt up STOKED STIX™, packets of instant organic coffee for “instant stoke.”

We talked with Jax to learn more about how she came to establish STOKED and where she likes to run in Park City.

2016 4Deserts Antarctica Race. Photo Credit: Myke Hermsmeyer

Choose Park City: When did you first open STOKED and how did you decide to get into the coffee business?

Jax Mariash: I first opened STOKED in June of 2014 in Hood River, Oregon. I have dreamed of having my own coffee business since I was 11 years old. I love the combination of providing a premium craft cup of coffee with the passion for the outdoors in an outdoor town.

How did you first decide to open a STOKED location in Park City? And what led you to move here?

I used to work for Powderbird heli ski as a marketing director so I spent a bit of time in Park City. Following that, I lived in Jackson Hole in the winters, so I would drive to Park City to fly to international races for running and I spent more and more time here. I fell in love with Park City and decided it would be the perfect second location for STOKED and for a place to settle down personally. I moved in August of 2016 and began seeding the idea in town until I found the perfect location to open.

How is STOKED coffee different from other local roasters?

We come from the craft coffee mecca that surrounds the bay area, Seattle and Portland. Our roasting and the drinks we prepare are set to the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) standards. Thus, every drink served is performed to perfection in the world of craft coffee. This ensures that we provide legitimacy and expertise in every cup starting with the roast all the way to the prepared cup. Everything is meticulously measured to provide utmost quality for our guests.

Favorite origin and favorite STOKED blend?

As a roast master, the answer always becomes everything and depends on the mood I am in. It is such a personal preference that we don’t want to skew someone to like our favorite when they might have another. It is a lot like wine with so many origins to choose from that then can lead to so many profiles and roasts of choice. If I had to choose I, would say that I love the flavor notes a lot in Ethiopia Yirgacheffe beans. From the signature series blends at STOKED, I tend to brew a French press of the Bluebird blend almost daily.

Go-to coffee drink before and after a training run?

I enjoy a French press with XCT oil, grass-fed butter, and collagen protein blended when I wake up and typically pre-run. After I enjoy an 8-oz latte with Oatly milk. It is my new favorite.

What’s your favorite trail run in Park City?

My favorite is the crest trail because you feel like you are sky running with epic views from every direction.

What’s next for STOKED once the dust settles on the new location?

For STOKED ROASTERS, the plan is to get both locations and our roasting business humming along smoothly and then push STOKED STIX very aggressively to the outdoor market. That is our instant coffee that we created that comes in medium roast and dark roast to provide premium 100% organic coffee to the masses wherever you might go.

If you subscribe to my newsletter, then you can take advantage of a special promo that I partnered with STOKED to offer this February. Not a subscriber? Contact me and I’ll be happy to send you the promo code.

Beyond the Resorts: A Guide to Skiing Out of Bounds in Park City

This may not be shaping up to be the best winter on the books, but there are plenty of ways to keep yourself entertained. From heli skiing in Park City to resort-hopping (with some backcountry in between) around Little Cottonwood Canyon. If you want to inject a little more adrenaline into skiing this year, consider venturing beyond the resort with one of the many excellent backcountry guiding services in the Wasatch.

Powderbird Park City

Your potential ride this winter (Photo by Powderbird)

Powderbird Helicopter Skiing

For nearly 50 years, Powderbird has been whisking Park City locals and visitors to great heights for mind-blowing skiing. They operate on over 80,000 acres across the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest. Powderbird also charters trips to Greenland if you really want to get your adventure on. Their bases also border local ski resorts (Alta, Snowbird, Deer Valley, Park City) so that you can go heli skiing in Park City the AM, then shred the corduroy in the afternoon.

Yurts at Whisper Ridge

#yurtlife (Photo by Whisper Ridge)

Whisper Ridge

This Paradise-based company bills itself as a “backcountry resort.” What does that mean? 60,000-plus acres of private skiing, accessible by snowcat. But the real perk of Whisper Ridge is its system of 10 yurts that allow you to turn your backcountry skiing trip into a multi-day adventure. In fact, these aren’t just yurts, but yurt villages equipped with breakfast and dinners cooked by your own personal chef.

Powder Cats

We like big bowls and we cannot lie (Photo by Powder Cats)

PC Powder Cats

As the story goes, a “powder hound” flew over the Uinta Mountains by helicopter a couple decades ago and ogled a plethora of backcountry lines, full of chutes and bowls. The big three: M&M Bowl, No Name Bowl, and Eagle Bowl (all above 10,000 feet). The powder in these bowls will have you coming back year after year for more with Powder Cats. Beyond the skiing, a day out in the majestic and enormous Uinta wilderness will impart a sense of zen and wonder. Imagine total silence except for the sound of your skis ploughing through pow.


This Ski Utah Tour is king of convenience and also affordable—but that doesn’t mean a sacrifice in experience. The name of this guiding service says it all. When you hop on a scheduled daily tour departing from either Deer Valley or Snowbird, the guides will connect the dots between the nearby resorts and the backcountry acreage between them. You can also book a private tour to customize your backcountry experience. All tours include lunch and transportation and are only available to advanced to intermediate skiers—sorry boarders.

More Beyond the Resort ideas

Several other guiding services can take you where you want to ski in the Park City region, from Utah Mountain Adventures to White Pine Touring. Or swap your skis for snowmobiles to experience the local snow and views from a new, rowdier angle. There are many shops in Park City, Heber, and beyond that can help turn you into a sledneck (at least for a day)! Whatever way you choose to venture beyond the resort, be sure to have fun and stay safe out there.

2017 Park City Year End Report

Want the skinny on the real estate market in the greater Park City area last year? Sotheby’s has it, of course. The gist of Park City real estate last year is that it was booming. The numbers speak for themselves and you can find them in the Summit Sotheby’s International Realty’s 2017 Report here.

Here are some of the main takeaways from the report:

  • Single family home sales in units in Park City Proper are up 16%
  • Average price of Old Town single family homes up 18%
  • Snyderville single family homes are on the market for an average of 83 days, down 13% from last year
  • Silver Springs single family home price up 8%
  • Condo sales in Park City proper up 12% in units and 10% in price
  • Snyderville Basin condo sales up 5% in price overall

Nice job, Park City!