4 Tips for Staging Your Home Like A Pro

Staging your home

Every homeowner who’s considering selling wants their home to look its best. Staging your home is one of the most effective strategies to ensure just that. Here are some of the best home staging tips that will boost the sales of your property in Utah.

1. Store personal items out of sight

Although this may seem quite simple, the effects are huge. Packing away some of your personal items will help you depersonalize your home and sell it quickly. If your home is stuffed with your belongings, your potential buyer won’t be able to picture themselves living in the house—especially if you’re the type of homeowner who hangs dozens of family photos on the wall. Pictures can be extremely distracting; you want your home to seem like a model.

2. Keep your home sparkling clean

Want to help your home put its best foot forward? Then you should be spending some time fixing up your property by cleaning windows, shining floors, and wiping off the counters. Every surface should sparkle like in the commercials. In this home staging process, it is usually advised to hire pros—especially for those who have a huge house.

Dining table

3. Style the dining table

Usually, the dining room is considered the blind spot when it comes to staging your home. Between dinners, a large dining table might look uninviting and bare without proper care. On the other hand, once it’s styled, it’s a great way to increase appeal. If you’re thinking of utilizing oversized linen to style it up, think again. This will just make it look stiff and formal. Instead, set up a series of smaller decorations, like flatware, flowers, candles, and/or a centerpiece.

Living room porch

4. Group the Furniture

Many homeowners believe that pushing furniture against walls makes the home seem bigger. That’s not true at all. Instead, it’s better to furnish the space by “floating” your furniture. For example, chairs and sofas should be repositioned to look cozy. Aside from making the furniture user-friendly, this technique could also make the room appear larger.

Final thoughts on staging your home

In home staging, highlight your home’s strength while downplaying its weaknesses at the same time. By doing so, you’ll attract more customers and be able to sell your property in Utah with ease.

By Guest Blogger Alexander Hassoulas of Century 21 Everest Property Management Company 

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