5 Nonprofits to Support for Live PC Give PC 2018

It’s almost my favorite time of year again. No, I’m not talking about Thanksgiving, Opening Day at Deer Valley, or Christmas (although these are all close runners’ up). I mean Live PC Give PC, the day when Park City comes together to show our nonprofits some love. How much love? Over two million dollars worth (in 2017, anyway).

This year, I know that we can and will raise even more. Now in its eighth year, Live PC Give PC is an altruistic force in Park City. Become a part of it by marking your calendars for November 9, 2018 and giving. To whom? There are over 100 nonprofits you can support, but I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites below.

I want to add that this was not an easy post to put together. With so many worthy causes to support, it’s hard to pick favorites. That said, here are five of many wonderful ways to give for Live PC Give PC 2018.

Summit Land Conservancy

In a painting, white space is just as important as the subject itself. The same is true for land. We must balance development with nature, not only for the benefit of our views and our real estate values, but to maintain our recreational backyard. Open space means more places to hike, run, bike, romp with our dogs, and be one with nature. Summit Land Conservancy is the local guardian of open space. Help them balance the developments arising across Summit County with open space campaigns, like Osguthorpe Farm.

Peace House Thrive Campaign

Image by Peace House

Peace House

When adults and children come under threat of domestic violence in Park City, Peace House is where they turn. There’s more reason now than ever to contribute to this invaluable cause. The Thrive Campaign is this nonprofit’s initiative to create a campus to serve as the hub for its services. The campus will include a safe emergency shelter, a dozen transitional housing units, a childcare center, a communal gathering place, and an outdoor courtyard. Construction is underway for this project, but the Peace House needs help raising funds to make their dream sanctuary come true. This is where you come in.

Park City recycling center

Photo Credit: Recycle Utah

Recycle Utah

Don’t let its name fool you. Recycle Utah does way more than recycle our stuff. They’re also green evangelists, empowering Park City residents and businesses alike to live more planet-friendly lives through education and consulting. Plus, without Recycle Utah, what would we do with all those glass wine bottles? And did you know they operate a thrift store out of their Woodbine Way Recycling Center, too? If you want to learn more about Recycle Utah’s story, check out my recent post about them on my blog. Congratulations to Mary Closser, my client and Recycle Utah’s Education Director, who was recently named Educator of the Year by Utah Society for Environmental Education.

Habitat for Humanity

Photo by Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity

As a real estate agent, I’m deeply invested in helping people find not only houses, but homes. Since 1995, the Summit and Wasatch County chapter of Habitat for Humanity has been helping local families afford housing in Park City. They also help low-income homeowners implement much-needed repairs by issuing loans with 0% interest rates. Swinging hammers is a big part of Habitat’s mission, but so are educational workshops that empower locals to become responsible homeowners. And we can’t forget Restore, which feeds two birds with one scone. They accept donations of furnishings, appliances, finishes, and more that might otherwise end up in the landfill, then resell these products at affordable prices. A Live PC Give PC donation to Habitat for Humanity is a fine way to help make Park City financially accessible to the people who work and play here.

Park City Community Foundation

This is the gift that keeps on giving. Park City Community Foundation is the incredible force behind Live PC Give PC. Since they pioneered this annual day of giving seven years ago, they’ve motivated over 5,000 locals to raise nearly $8 million dollars in donations to over 100 nonprofits. These are staggering figures. And Live PC Give PC is just one of several programs the PC Community Foundation runs to help support our nonprofit community. From grants to community initiatives, they are the 24/7/365 fairy godmother of good in the Wasatch Back. Support them on November 9 to help them keep up the good work. The minimum online donation is $5 and the goal this year is to surpass 4,500 unique donors for the one day of giving. Evangelize to, challenge, or strong arm your influencers, young and old, to help PCCF succeed.

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