5 Real Estate Podcasts Worth a Listen

Guess what’s right around the corner? The opportunity to make a new year’s resolution! For many of us in the real estate business or industry, that might mean growing our business or our portfolio. Where to begin? Get 2019 off to a hot start by listening to a real estate podcast or two. The great thing about a real estate podcast is that you can learn at times when you wouldn’t normally be able to do so. Whether you’re waiting for your flight in a terminal, taking a hike, or commuting to work, here are a few podcasts worth listening to.

Bigger Pockets Podcast

1. BiggerPockets Podcast

Best for: Real estate investors (actual or potential), but informative for agents looking to sell investment properties as well
New episodes: Weekly
Available on: iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud, Google Play, and YouTube
The gist: Interested in getting into investment real estate? Start here. Hosts Brandon Turner and David Greene interview different real estate investors and entrepreneurs in each episode. This could easily be a radio borefest, but it’s anything but. Conversation is lively and authentic. And the hosts and guests don’t just talk about their wins. They also get real about their mistakes, which you can learn from, too. Enhance your listening experience with co-branded books, guides, and more.
Listen: BiggerPockets Podcast

Agent Caffeine

2. Agent Caffeine

Best for: Tech-savvy real estate agents
New episodes: Weekly on Tuesdays at 7pm MST
Available on: iTunes and Stitcher
The gist: Obviously, real estate agents need coffee, especially for those early A.M. property tours. But we also need inspiration to fuel us, and this is what former realtor Kelly Mitchell dishes out in Agent Caffeine. Here you’ll find real estate trends, strategies, and new tech from folks in the biz. Recent episodes have covered everything from the HomeSnap app to lead generation.
Listen: Agent Caffeine Podcast

Tim & Julie Harris podcast

3. Tim & Julie Harris Podcast

Best for: Real estate agents on a lifelong quest for perfection (er, the first step is to admit you have a problem)
New episodes: Daily (!)
Available on: iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, BlogTalkRadio, and more outlets
The gist: Do the names Tim and Julie Harris ring a bell? After this real estate power couple sold 100 homes in a year, they graduated to becoming coaches to other agents. They maintain a great online resource and now also oversee a daily podcast. This is great for those who don’t really want to subscribe and look forward to new episodes every week, but would rather search for podcasts by topic of interest when they have the time. T & J categorize all podcasts into topics like Business Planning, Lead Generation, Mindset & Motivation, and Top Producers. Get on top of your game and check it out.
Listen: Tim & Julie Harris Podcast

hgtv and me podcast

4. HGTV & ME

Best for: People who watch HGTV or are interested in HGTV things (house hunting, fixer uppers, DIYing, etc.)
New episodes: About twice a month
Available on: iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, and more
The gist: Real estate with a sense of humor? Yes, please. This new podcast, to be clear, is not offered by HGTV, but HGTV fan/writer/podcast pro Rebecca Lavoie. Sometimes, she talks about HGTV shows (Property Bros.: love ’em or hate ’em?), while in other episodes she investigates trends like tiny houses. This is fun passive listening that can easily be digested in spurts during short drives between open houses.
Listen: HGTV & ME Podcast

5. Lifetime CashFlow through Real Estate Investing

Best for: Real estate investors (and agents who want to help buyers interested in investments)
New episodes: Weekly
Available on: iTunes and YouTube
The gist: Imagine someone wrote a textbook about investing in real estate, then parsed it out into 267-and-counting podcast episodes. This podcast is a wealth of knowledge, with the specific things you’ll learn listed in each podcast’s description. A little “house hacking” here, a little property value-adding 101 there. Host Rod Khleif, a real estate investor himself, also picks fascinating interviewees, like a Syrian immigrant who became a real estate whiz with 6,000 holdings.
Listen: Lifetime CashFlow Podcast

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