5 Tips for Selling Your Home Faster

Sell your home faster

How did I sell three homes in less than a week in the first quarter of 2017? Here are five tips I live by to help get homes on and off the market in rapid time.

1. Hire an agent you trust professionally and personally.
Selling your home can cause anxiety. Packing up memories, finishing “To-Do” lists that have been put off, and preparing for your next stop can cause an emotional roller coaster. Hiring a Realtor with whom you have an open and trusting relationship can help address your concerns and protect your privacy.

2. “Stage” your home. 
Whether hiring a designer or putting your hours watching HGTV to work, follow the proven steps to get your home ready to sell. Highlight views, architectural elements, and square footage. Avoid clutter and personal effects that can distract buyers and overshadow upgrades. Clear surfaces so your countertops steal the show. Get advice on how to arrange furniture to best showcase the space in a room.

3. Details matter.
Prep work and packing up can be overwhelming. Don’t forget the pixie dust: gleaming windows, freshly spruced landscaping, touched-up painting, unmarred carpet, and an odor-free home. Ensure all lightbulbs work and go for warm white. Cool CFL lighting makes your home look like a beer cooler, not an inviting entertaining space.

4. Your first showing is online.
Summit Sotheby’s is one of the few Utah brokerages to have our own professional photographers on staff. Capturing the best angles, fine points, and views may sell your home before the buyer sets foot inside. Set your table, have the hot tub bubbling, karate chop pillows and—gasp—close toilets seats. The metrics show that the better the photography, the higher the sales price. iPhone pictures are not acceptable.

5. Get the price right.
Listen to your agent and invite them to understand your objectives in selling. This is teamwork. Ample data can usually support a close range for where a home should be priced. If your goal is to close within 45 days of listing, price your home competitively. If you have completed steps 1-4, you may be in a position to hold firm or demand full price.

To learn about my strategies to sell your home quickly and painlessly, contact me.

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