Business Spotlight: ColeSport


Sporting goods stores are in many ways the heart and soul of Park City. They keep us well-equipped to have fun outdoors and help us fix our gear when we have a little too much fun out there. My favorite local store of this stripe is ColeSport, which has been outfitting Park City since the early ’70s. This family-run business has all the appeal of a local shop—think amazing customer service and luxury outdoor décor (glamping, anyone?) Yet it also has the savvy of a big brand with a huge retail spread and several locations throughout the area. Full disclosure: since my husband works at ColeSport in the winters, I’m a little biased. Nonetheless, I decided to chat with Michael Strachan, long-time ColeSport gear purchaser, about what’s going on at the shop this season bike-wise.

Giant bikes to get excited about

ColeSport exclusively sells Giant bikes, which, coincidentally, began manufacturing bicycles in 1972—the same year ColeSport owners Gary and Jana Cole moved to Park City. Over the last couple of years, Strachan says that Giant has been improving and updating all of its trail bike frames with better suspension. This helps riders climb more efficiently and descend more smoothly. Strachan says that the road bikes in-stock have new axel systems and disc brakes.

Kicking the season into gear

If you’re looking to buy, ColeSport will spend time getting to know you as a rider, from skill sets and comfort level, to riding goals. Then the staff will help find a Giant bike that’s a good fit for you. If you’ve already got a bike, odds are it’s probably in need of a tune. “Just like ski equipment, you should service your bike twice a year,” Strachan explains. “Once at the beginning, and once towards the end.” The full tune will make sure your bike is clean, greased, and working in smooth order,” as Strachan puts it.

Group rides

ColeSport hosts group rides for ladies twice a month throughout the summer. A ColeSport ambassador and avid rider guides the rides and can offer tips for beginning and advanced riders alike. These rides are free and so are demos for those looking to test out new wheels. Usually, the ladies rides start around Memorial Day. Last year, the rides were every other Thursday—stay tuned to ColeSport’s calendar to find out which day it will offer rides this year. On Monday nights, ColeSport also hosts evening group road rides. The ColeSport cycling team chaperones the rides, which are no drop (meaning all abilities welcome).

The Bike Swap

This may be the best chance this summer to help your old bike find a better home, or to find a used bike to make your own! ColeSport will host this annual swap in its parking lot on Park Avenue on Saturday May 19 and Sunday, May 20. You can drop off old bikes starting on Thursday the 17th. Anything from small junior bikes and full-blown downhills, to kids’ bike trailers are welcome. ColeSport also unloads last year’s inventory so you can find great deals on new setups, too.

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