Business Spotlight: Cryo Lodge

Pain remedy, anti-aging wonder-worker, and cancer treatment? Alleged to be all these things and more, cryotherapy could just be the health and wellness miracle technology of the 21st century. But don’t take it from me—take it from Courtney Miedema, co-owner of Cryo Lodge. Since 2016, this local business has been helping us all chill out for the better.

Cryo Lodge, not to be confused with the now-closed Stone Cold Cryotherapy, is also offering special deals to former Stone Cold clients.”We really want to help continue the tremendous benefits people have been experiencing, as well as introduce them to our other services so they can continue to feel total body wellness,” Miedema explains. We chatted with her to learn more about how all of us can get in on the chill.

Choose Park City: When did you first try cryotherapy and what hooked you?

Courtney: The first time I chilled was in college and I was instantly hooked. I ran and won my first 10K and decided to test out cryotherapy. I walked out of the three-minute cryotherapy session and felt like I could go run another 10K. My legs felt totally recovered and as if I hadn’t even raced! After that, I kept going back for athletic recovery and I was able to run more miles than I had in a while, without getting injured.

What’s the difference between cryotherapy and, say, just taking a really cold shower?

There is a huge difference! If you were to take a really cold shower, or even an ice bath, you would have to be in that cold for at least 30 minutes to see any real impact. Cold water also heals by directly freezing the muscles, whereas cryotherapy is just a three-minute session that triggers a response on the outer layer of the skin and puts your body into a very natural fight-or-flight response. This natural response forces your body to fight off any inflammation in the body, whether that be lactic acid, an injury, arthritis, or even an inflammatory response on the skin like eczema. It also doesn’t freeze your muscles so you could walk out of the Cryosauna without your body feeling stiff (like you would feel after an ice bath) and go straight into a workout.

For the uninitiated, what’s the best first-time cryotherapy service to try?

It really depends on what you are looking for. For total body wellness, you definitely want to get into our Whole Body Cryosauna. If you have an injury, try our Localized Cryotherapy treatment in conjunction with Whole Body Cryotherapy. Localized Cryotherapy is an isolated Cryotherapy treatment that targets a specific part of the body. It combines sub-zero temperatures and an aloe thermal gel to pull the heat from your skin to the sub-zero wand, which restricts blood vessels to really allow the cold to heal the injury. We also have Cryo Toning facials, which uses the same technology as our Localized Cryotherapy treatment but on the face to help improve fine lines and wrinkles, blemishes, and scarring—it even tones and tightens the skin.

For one of your newest offerings—like the Cryo facial—can one treatment make a difference or do you need multiple treatments to see impacts?

One treatment can certainly help with things like acne, puffiness under the eyes, or other inflammatory responses on the skin. Of course, the more treatments you do, the more long-term results. If you are looking for benefits in areas like skin toning and tightening, you will definitely feel a difference after one treatment (as soon as the treatment is over you can feel the firmness change of your skin), but you will need to do multiple treatments to reap the full longevity of the benefits.

You are co-located with Float Park City. Do you partner with them on any deals?

We see a lot of crossover with clients. Float therapy has a lot of similar benefits to cryotherapy, but also a lot of unique differences. For instance, float therapy uses 1,000 pounds of epsom salt, which naturally make you buoyant and pulls toxins out of you. The treatment is one hour and puts you in a total relaxed state.

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