Business Spotlight: Oak + Willow Yoga + Wellness Studio

Photo Credit: Oak + Willow

Photo Credit: Oak + Willow

Did you know that 36 million Americans practice yoga? Indeed, yoga is more popular than ever. From 2012-2016, the number of yogis in the U.S. doubled, and there are some 6,000 studios across the U.S. Here in Park City, we have several different yoga studios, plus yoga classes offered at numerous gyms.

I think it’s safe to say, however, that yoga isn’t just about working out. It’s a way to psych yourself up for the day, or unwind after a long one. It’s how many of us keep our bodies healthy and our muscles happy after big ski days or mountain bike rides. And yoga also gives us a little peace of mind—exercise and meditation in one fell swoop.

Oak + Willow is one of the newest places in the Park City area to practice yoga, and it’s also one of my favorite. Why? Because O+W keenly understands that when people seek out yoga, they’re probably also seeking out physical and mental health. This is why O+W doesn’t just offer your standard flow, but also locally tailored classes (pair a yoga class with a Park City beer after skiing), workshops (like prenatal yoga) and programs oriented around goals like a better diet or pesky injuries.

We chatted with founder and owner Nikki Glandon to learn more about O+W, which is also offering Choose Park City subscribers a special promo this month. It’s worth mentioning that Nikki is a true fitness maven, with more certifications than you can list in one breath.

Note: While O+W’s address is in Kamas (1200 W. Lori Lane, Kamas), this studio is really only about a mile past Hwy 40 on 248, well before you even reach the Jordanelle Reservoir (meaning, it’s a super short drive from Park City).

Choose Park City: When exactly did you open Oak + Willow?

Nikki Glandon: I opened July 1, 2018.

Was your background before O+W yoga/wellness-related?

Yes. I have been teaching and studying the mind and body for the last 10 years. I love learning about the mind and body, and I love being able to provide this knowledge and passion for others. These are the trainings I’ve done: Level 1 and 2 Baptiste Yoga Institute (200 hours), Art of Assisting Hatha Vinyasa Training (200 hours), The Yoga Farm, ISSA – Personal Trainer, Schwinn Bike-Certified Instructor, TRX Certified, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Yoga Medicine Trainings + Hip Module (200 hours), Chinese Medicine, and Myofascial Release – Spine Module.

Nikki Glandon has a lot to smile about (Photo Credit: Oak + Willow)

What was your path to deciding to open your own studio?

I wanted to follow my passion for healing and helping others. I felt like it was time to take the leap and provide a space where people could grow, learn, and enhance their daily lives and activities.

Tell me the story behind the name. Favorite trees?

I am from Knoxville in East Tennessee and wanted something from my Southern roots like the Southern Oak Tree. I also think nature is healing and magical, so I got stuck on tree names. The Oak is strong and powerful; the roots grow deep and they weather the storm. The Willow tree is more malleable; it moves with the storm so it doesn’t break. You need both to be able to stand tall and firm, as well as move with the storm. It’s the Yin and the Yang. The masculine and feminine. As they say, “strong roots make it easier to bend.”

When and why did you move to Park City?

I have been here for a little over 10 years now. I went to college in Colorado, then came to Utah on a family vacation and loved it. I moved here about a month later. I love the mountains and the country and this area provides both.

What O+W offering are you most excited about right now?

This summer, we will be offering Yoga and Horse Trail Rides and I am so excited to bring those two together. More information will be on our website soon!

Photo Credit: Oak + Willow

What sets you apart from other area yoga studios?

We are smaller and I love that! I cap the classes at 10 so that students always feel comfortable and we can give more personalized instruction. We are like Cheers—everyone knows your name. I believe keeping it small makes it feel comfy, cozy, and personal.

The Uplift Series—themed educational opportunities—is a really unique offering. How does Uplift work?

The Uplift Series is a new series I am launching online. It includes online yoga videos, guided meditation, recipes, how to shop for groceries, tips for your kiddos, and soul food. It is a monthly or yearly membership. The Uplift Series will also provide one-on-one or group coaching sessions. Having a mind and body coach is the best thing I have ever done for myself, and I love that now I get to coach others.

Nikki would love to know what sort of yoga and wellness offerings people are looking for in a studio. If you have questions or desired classes, please email her at [email protected].

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