How to Celebrate Pie and Beer Day in Park City

pie and beer day in Park City

As if we need an excuse to eat a slice of delicious berry pie in the summertime

For the unacquainted, Pie & Beer Day is a unique Utah holiday that riffs off a simultaneous state occasion: Pioneer Day. This Mormon celebration occurs annually on July 24 and marks the day that the first Mormon pioneers set foot in the Salt Lake Valley back in 1847. Much of Utah celebrates this summer holiday with parades, theatrical renditions, and other festivities.

But Pioneer Day leaves much to be desired for Utah’s non-Mormons. Enter Pie & Beer Day, which some clever non-Mormons coined 10 or so years ago. There’s no rhyme or reason to why the secular July 24 holiday chose pie and beer beyond the fact that the two indulgences sort of sound like “pioneer.” For all Utahns, here’s how to have an excellent July 24.

Celebrate Pioneer Day in Salt Lake City

If you’re a Mormon, head to Temple Square in Salt Lake City to join in on the Pioneer Day fun.

pie & beer day in park city

Beer: because it rhymes with pioneer

Celebrate Pie and Beer Day in Park City

Pie ‘n’ Beer Day at Park City Brewery

From 3-8pm, PC Brewery will be offering brews and Auntie Em’s pie. Go create your own sweet-sudsy pairings then enjoy on their patio.

Better Utah’s Pioneer/Pie & Beer Day Celebration

The Alliance for a Better Utah will be hosting a free summer barbecue with pie and beer to help raise awareness about the nonprofit’s mission. The Alliance works to promote “balance, transparency and accountability” in state politics. The event will be held at Board Member Jonathan Klein’s house (3042 Oak Rim Lane in Park City) from 5:30-7:30pm. You can register here.

Create Your Own Pie & Beer Day Fun

You can host your own July 24 celebration at home—after all, all you need is some pie and beer. For pie, I suggest you head to Windy Ridge Bakery, where you can procure everything from Sour and Black Cherry and Mile High Apple to Key Lime. Then pick up a six-pack of your favorite local brews from Park City Brewery, Wasatch, or Squatters. A sour beer might be nice with a berry pie, while a porter would stand up beautifully to pecan. Cheers!

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