Chris and Lacey Meyer Testimonial

As the most important source of new clients for my Park City-based real estate business, referrals are a critical and much appreciated result of executing smooth and successful transactions. I am thankful to be called upon by past clients to introduce me to an assortment of wonderful families who span the spectrum in terms of needs, budgets and demographics.

The Meyers found me online and felt that my experience would complement what their family was seeking. Whether they elect to make Park City their next home or not, I am gratified that they were satisfied enough with my assistance to tell their story:

Our family is on a summer-long, cross-country roadtrip of the US seeing the sights and picking the next place we want to live. It’s two of us, plus our two-year old daughter and six-month old son, living in our trailer, going place-to-place. When we arrived in Park City, we followed what has become our routine – do all the research we can online in advance to check out neighborhoods, do a drive-by through promising neighborhoods, and then call a broker to learn more. In this case, we emailed Christine.

Christine responded to us right away and offered to help. Knowing we were on a tight timeline (and traveling with two little ones who create their own scheduling challenges), she volunteered to meet us right away, actually skipping another event to have lunch with us. Her knowledge of Park City is fantastic, and she quickly helped us refine our outside-in understanding of the place with a local’s knowledge. She gave us the real rundown on neighborhoods and, with her insight, we scratched off a couple we thought were promising and added a couple we didn’t know. So very helpful.

Even more important to us was that Christine realized that this wasn’t about selling us a house, rather, it was helping us understand why Park City might be the best place for our family. There was absolutely no pressure to go see a hot listing or, when we said we’re halfway through our exploration of potential homes, she didn’t give us the “let me know when you make up your mind” feeling. While we were in town, she pointed us in right direction, searched potential properties for us and gave us great advice on where to play and eat with our kids. Since we’ve left town she’s been proactive, responsive, and genuinely helpful.
We’re not sure where we’ll end up, but if it’s Park City, we’ll choose Christine to work with and, when any of our friends want to look there, we’ll make sure they work with her, as well.”

-Chris & Lacey Meyer

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