Collections Magazine I Utah’s Luxury Real Estate Magazine Summer 2018

As usual, we’ve produced a magazine that will hook you from page one and keep you flipping through to the back cover. In the summer 2018 Collections Magazine, we wear our heart on our sleeve. Discover our passion points—why we love what we do, starting with our 274-year brand heritage. You’ll get to know our team, from this visual product of our hard work, to a few daring staff who posed for our photographers.

Thomas Wright, Summit Sotheby’s International Realty president, says it best: “We’re all about raising the bar, dictating the curve and doing things in a way that may be imitated by others, but never duplicated.” I challenge you to find a magazine as inimitable and trendsetting as this season’s Collections. Start flipping through below or check out the link to the issue here …

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