Home Staging Tips: Are You on The Staging High Horse?

By Sandra Racz – President of the Signature Redesign, LLC


We have all heard the phrase, “Get off your high horse,” which references behaving in a superior manner. As a home stager, I want to be on the staging high horse and create the perfect showing. I strive for a staging where the furnishings match the caliber of the home, there is no clutter or personal photos, selling features are front and center, and homeowners have no emotional connection to the home. Reality? We can all dream!

Home Staging Tips

Now, let’s get off the High Horse of Staging and be honest about Real Staging. One of the most important home staging tips is to put together a powerful team to get as close as possible to the perfect home presentation. With no control over the market or the location of the home, we need to ramp up what we can control … the presentation and condition of the home.

What is a Staging Power Team?

  1. A Real Estate Agent who not only understands the importance of staging, but wouldn’t think of listing a home without staging. We can present staging the property in a way that the homeowner is thrilled that their agent is willing to go above and beyond to sell their home. The agent researches to find a certified home stager that has the same mindset as theirs and contributes to developing the team.
  2. A Homeowner open to having the stager evaluate their home. Yes, the homeowner must to be willing to explore every avenue to sell their home and open to the best home staging tips.
  3. A Home Stager equipped with an evaluation report (National Scoring System, Staging Checklist, etc.), education tools, and resources for home repairs and last but not least, the ability to present the findings, encourage the homeowner and offer practical solutions. A home stager needs to diplomatically deliver suggestions, applaud the homeowners through the staging and not push their own services.

As a home stager, I have been part of many teams through the years. It thrills me when I can work with an agent to increase their closings. Understand, I am part of the agent’s team and the homeowner is reminded how fortunate they are to have an agent who is willing to take extra steps to market their home.

The Power Staging Team is built by the Agent who understands the importance of staging and the team approach. Agents have their hands full prospecting for potential buyers, marketing and showings; why not let the home stager help? Christine is one of the agents who recognizes the value of staging and who utilizes it on every one of her listings, regardless of the property’s value.

Feel free to contact me for more home staging tips or specific questions.

Sandra Racz
Senior Loan Consultant (Cairn/Hoyt Team)
[email protected]

Sandra Racz, President of the Signature Redesign, LLC and Executive Director of The Decorating and Staging Academy, trains home stagers and decorators worldwide. Sandra Racz is a National Award winner, guest speaker and RESA Pro.

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