The Latest on Mayflower Mountain Resort by Deer Valley


It was about a year ago when we first learned that New York City-based Extell development firm snatched up 2,300 acres alongside Deer Valley Resort. This covetable land lies on the Deer Valley Resort side of Highway 40, just off the Mayflower exit.

Now that 12 months have somehow ticked by, we’ve got a little more intel on what exactly is slated for this acreage. For one, we know its name: Mayflower Mountain Resort. We also know that it’s massive—Mayflower is slated to be the largest development in Wasatch County’s history. Here are a few vitals now available about this development in works.

Mayflower Residential

More Deer Valley Resort devotees will now be able to call the resort’s curtain home. The project expects to develop nearly 1,498 residential units. We all know that housing the people that actually live and work in Park City is a challenge, and Mayflower will do its part to address it. It has designated 95,000 square feet as workforce housing. That’s a small percentage of the total project acreage, but efficient design can go a long way. The future Mayflower residents will also enjoy a 68,000-square-foot recreation center slated for the area, as well as pedestrian-friendly planning that will hopefully make it easy for those frequenting the area to get around carless. And if they don’t, some 3,471 parking spots are part of the deal.

Mayflower Commercial

We know the most about the lodging aspects of Mayflower Mountain Resort’s commercial plans. The developer anticipates over 400 hotel units distributed across a five-star hotel and a four-star hotel. The lodging development will also include a huge conference center, making it a draw for corporate groups and events. In addition to lodging, 250,000 square feet of commercial space will also be available. Could this be the future home of Park City’s next hot restaurant? Only time will tell.

Mayflower Skiing

If you build it, they will come, right? Only if there’s skiing to be had—and there will be. Mayflower Mountain Resort is planning 900 acres of ski terrain to be added to Deer Valley, accessed via six new lifts. This will be the first improvement implemented, starting within the year. Après skiing will take place on a ski beach. An ice skating rink is also in the works.

The upshot: this project is well thought-out, promising to be a recreationally, culturally, and economically vibrant addition to Deer Valley Resort. The downside: development could take between two and four decades. Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

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