How Snow Leads to Sales

powder snow

My daughter taking advantage of last year’s pow

If you need your memory jogged, last year’s ski season was epic. It snowed more than it had in half a decade. The snow gods smiled upon us for the holidays, dumping the white stuff from Christmas through New Year’s. Powder days stacked up like the snow banks lining our streets.

Besides giddy smiles and tired legs, an unexpected outcome of all this snow has been a spike in real estate sales out west, according to the recent Bloomberg article Perfect Snow Causes Million-Dollar Impulse Buys Among the Super Rich.” 

Photo Credit: Ski Utah

This actually makes perfect sense. When prospective buyers visit Park City, incredible snow can act as a highly persuasive sales tool. After all, who wouldn’t want a place to call home in a ski town like Park City after experiencing how good the going gets in winter?

Usually, ski property purchases cluster around the fall when skiing is once more on people’s minds. But this year, many brokerages out west—from California to Utah and Colorado—have been seeing these sales occur throughout the summer.

Snow January

But is there more at play behind the real estate sales spike than the wonderful conditions of Winter 2016-2017? That’s the question Bloomberg asked me for their article. My answer? Absolutely. I’m seeing more people relocate here with their families for the incredible quality of life Park City offers. Of course, great snow during that family’s ski vacation here might help sway them to make the big move.

So let’s all think snowy thoughts in hopes that Winter 2017-2018 sets snowfall records, both for the good of our real estate market and our hunger for deep powder days.

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