Sotheby’s Marketing: Like No Other

One of the many reasons that I take enormous pride in being part of the Summit Sotheby’s International Realty team is the unparalleled Sotheby’s marketing. From relationships with powerhouse media partners to talented designers that make your home look amazing, we know how to elevate your home to attract sellers.

Recently, two cases in point illustrate just how unparalleled Sotheby’s marketing truly is. The first is a video made by Ryan Samanka, our in-house videographer, showcasing a remarkable 18+ acre property in Orem. Videos help potential buyers actually envision themselves in the home, using the kitchen, playing in the family room, and enjoying outdoor spaces. Without first adieu, here’s “The Land of Golden Dreams”:

The second recent illustration of Sotheby’s marketing prowess is a marketing piece highlighting five things that set our agency apart. One, of course, is the sheer history and power of our brand. Sotheby’s blue is just about as recognizable as Tiffany’s blue, evoking luxury and legacy. Here’s what else makes Sotheby’s truly “like no other:”

Sotheby's marketing

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