Summit County Property Tax Notices and How to Appeal

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Kyle Jenkins, Summit Sotheby’s International Realty Photographer

If you’re like me, you have or will soon receive your notice for Summit County property tax notices in the mail.

You are able to appeal the Market Value of your property if you feel as though it is unfairly inflated or valued incorrectly. For example, if your “This Year’s Market Value” is $500,000 and you think your home is more fairly valued at $450,000 (or you just paid $450,000 for it), then I would consider filing an appeal.

You have from July 31 to September 16 at 5:00pm to appeal Summit County property tax notices. Appeal Applications can be found at the Utah Summit County website, They can also be accessed directly at

I am able to help by providing comps to support your case in lowering the value.

If you feel that your assessed value is less than what your home is worth, it means lower property taxes and generally property owners do not appeal to increase their value. What the Board of Equalization shows as the value has no bearing on what your Market Value is.

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