3 Sundance Apps for Navigating Park City’s Film Fest


Sundance apps you need for the Film Festival

Sundance app

Available for both Apple and Android, this app provides film guide and description, venue locations, screen times and the eWaite List. The eWaite List is used to get into screenings that are sold out. Simply create a profile in the eWaite List (enter first and last name and email). Then digitally sign in to the screening two hours before start time. You will be assigned a number; the lower the number the more likely you are to get in. Then show up to the screening 30-40 minutes before show time to receive your entrance pass. The official app logo is black and red with a red 15 in the center.

Google Maps app

Select the TRANSIT mode of transportation. This allows you to see the local bus locations and times. It will also show you where you are so you know where to go to get on the right route.

UBER or Lyft apps

If public transit is too slow and you don’t want to rent a car, Uber or Lyft are for you!

Transit Tips

Trust the locals when they say parking within Park City is nonexistent during the festival, and the free Sundance shuttles are well-oiled machines. Start and stop times vary, but some shuttles run until 2:30am.

  1. DO NOT rent a car to navigate Park City during Sundance.
  2. DO use the free shuttle.
  3. Stay in a property or hotel near a shuttle or bus stop.
  4. Use the free Sundance buses. Here is the schedule.
  5. Free Park City buses running locally can be found here, and if you are staying in Salt Lake use this schedule to catch a ride up the hill.
  6. Walk. Enjoy the sunshine, wear appropriate footwear and take all the people-watching in. You don’t have to wear black. Have fun!

For all the information on Sundance, visit the Sundance Website

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