Trail Etiquette 101 from Park City Magazine

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Recently, Park City Magazine did all locals and visitors a service by publishing some excellent guidelines for using trails respectfully. I’m reposting this vital information to spread the word as widely as possible. Here are a few of the “unwritten rules” of Park City trails for hikers, bikers, and dog owners.

  • Be quiet. Don’t blast music from speakers or talk on your phone.
  • Know when to yield. Hikers going downhill yield to hikers traveling uphill. Bikers always yield to hikers and equestrians. If you take a break, step off trail. And if you’re in a large group, be aware of others who want to pass.
  • Don’t destroy the trails. Hiking when trails are muddy or walking off trail is taboo.
  • Pack it all out—dog poop included. And what’s even worse than leaving your dog poop on the ground? Putting your dog poop in a bag, leaving it trailside to pick up on your return trip, then forgetting about it.
  • Keep your dog leashed. There’s no shortage of reasons why your dog should be on a leash, from clashes with other dogs and wildlife showdowns to pups freezing in the middle of a trail as a biker is descending. There are a few places where dogs need not be leashed, but everywhere else, leash up.
  • Be aware of your dog’s needs. If you’re going on a long excursion, you may need to bring water if there aren’t frequent creeks/ponds from which your dog can drink. And if you’re leaving Fido in the car during your hike/ride, make sure it’s not too hot, open windows, and leave water.

For the full Trail Etiquette 101 article, visit Park City MagazineHappy trails!

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