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What is an Associate Broker?

FAQ: What is an associate broker, anyway? One of my goals for 2014 was to pass my Associate Broker Licensing Exam, and I’m proud to say that I did it. But what is an associate broker? It’s a question I’m often asked by clients. An associate broker has achieved the highest level of education possible in real estate—a… Read more »

Appealing Property Taxes 101

In July of 2008, friends of mine bought a home in Pinebrook, relocating from Salt Lake so that their children could attend Park City schools. The very next month, they received an extraordinarily high tax bill (about double what they expected). After a call to the Summit County Assessor’s Office, they learned a clerical error… Read more »

Press Release: 2013 Park City Real Estate Market

I’m posting this press release from the board of realtors for your information about the 2013 Park City Real Estate Market. Let me know if you have any more questions by contacting me. – Christine Click here to download the original press release: Q3 2013 Park City Real Estate Market PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:… Read more »

Guide to Park City Season Pass Options

For years, deciding which Park City Season Pass to purchase came down to personality and preference. It seemed that snowboarders often went to Canyons Resort. Families seemed to choose Park City Mountain Resort (PCMR). And those looking to avoid snowboarders and/or those who could afford it ensconced themselves in the cushy surrounds and famous corduroy… Read more »

Summit County Property Tax Notices and How to Appeal

If you’re like me, you have or will soon receive your notice for Summit County property tax notices in the mail. You are able to appeal the Market Value of your property if you feel as though it is unfairly inflated or valued incorrectly. For example, if your “This Year’s Market Value” is $500,000 and… Read more »

It’s Closing Time … What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

In 1967, a pair of psychiatrists decided to assign a points value to the most stressful life events as an indicator of whether stress can make people physically ill. Among the items listed on The Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale are the obvious contenders: Divorce, death of a spouse and imprisonment. Unsurprisingly, listed among the… Read more »

Make Your Home Energy Efficient and Get a Tax Break

As this year’s dreaded TAX DAY looms ever closer, many of us will be looking for any way possible to reduce our tax burden. If you had invested in one of many possible ways to make your home energy efficienct back in 2012, you’d have one less tax deduction to uncover. When Congress passed the… Read more »